berlin in symphony / jeff mills at the hackescher höfe kino

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 09.45.44

how soon is now? just ask jeff mills. the so-called godfather of a legion of contemporary techno djs and producers, mills aptly brought the future to the present with the formation of underground resistance; a music collective he helmed alongside mad mike banks in 1989. if you want to know how it all started, that’s where you look. in fact, if you want to know what “it” is exactly, that’s who you ask. combining the technology of present with the knowledge of the past and a hope for the future, jeff mills’ version of techno is some of the most important, relevant, and — let’s just say it — magical, around.

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september photo diary / and some things i’ve learned in berlin

one month ago, i packed up my entire life (and by that i mean i packed up 9 pairs of shoes, 7 pieces of outerwear, basically no clothing, and nothing else of use to me other than both my laptops, great job emma), hopped on a plane, and relocated to berlin, germany. it was scary. nothing anyone told me, and certainly nothing i told myself, prepared me in any way for the past four weeks. i’ve always published on littlecity in the name of full disclosure, so for better or for worse, here are some things i’ve learned about berlin.

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little lens 003: karolina lewczuk


karolina‘s photos first caught my eye around last summer, when we met at sound in motion festival in toronto. i discovered her work through a vernissage called holga hands – karolina’s most recent art project composed entirely of photos taken with a holga. if you’re not familiar with the holga camera, it’s a plastic toy camera that has developed a cult following of sorts, for its simple construction and classic aesthetic, and the lo-fi images that result are nothing short of beautiful. especially from someone as talented and thoughtful as karolina. her submissions to the little lens project are snapshots from around the city of montreal, taken by karo as she walked through different neighbourhoods. true insight into the city’s soul.

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