LC 022 / orbital mechanics

you’ve heard of the term “trifecta,” right? it means a run of three wins. a trio of golden moments that occur together, one after the other. a perfect group of three. in this case, trifecta means rusty faders, ewerx, and diagraf. it means the meeting point between audio, visual, and visceral: orbital mechanics.

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allyson reigh / letters


letters is a reflection on being in my mid-20s, with all good and bad that that entails,” allyson tells me of her new EP. it’s funny. everything that we create, build and project at this time in our lives might just be exactly that. the remarkable thing is that letters somehow captures those emotions and sets them to music – predictable though it may sound, the record is anything but. “it was inspired by a time in my life where i had the emotional maturity to know what’s good for me, but i was still young enough to have these impractical strings attached to those feelings of ‘what if’ or ‘maybe’ – which i think we all do at some point or another.” the same words have probably crossed your mind – i know i’ve written them here in some form or another – and that’s exactly why you’ll love letters.

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music monday / gangways


is everyone else feeling completely uninspired lately? because i am. this past weekend i had what was probably the most mediocre weekend of music i’ve ever experienced. which is saying a lot, considering the incredible musical energy in this city. other than daoust‘s open decks birthday jam at passeport on friday, i was entirely unimpressed with the other events i went to – robert babicz at stereo, and fairmont at piknic. needless to say, it didn’t do much to push me into getting my nose to the grindstone (or…you know, whatever). also i was sick yesterday so, yes, i’m aware it’s tuesday.

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music monday / maya malkin


if i had to describe maya malkin to you, i would say she’s “sugar personified.” easily the sweetest girl i’ve ever met, that description holds true for her folk-pop music. you might recognize the name as one seventh of the montreal indie-folk band, motel raphael, but maya is a star in her own right as well. it’s with much sunshine that i present to you her debut solo release, a stunning four-track EP called simon.

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LC009 / billy dalessandro


hot on the heels of the last speaker session podcast, which featured some bouncy min tech from our girl shibby shitegeist, comes the first little city mix of 2013! and it’s a fuckin’ good one. the new year is bringing all kinds of new things, and i’m very excited to announce that the ninth speaker session was recorded by none other than billy dalessandro.

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