matrixxman / in real time


with a moniker like matrixxman, it’s no surprise that charlie duff has time on his mind. a san francisco based DJ/producer with roots in arlington, virginia, duff has only been making music as matrixxman for a handful of years, sparked by an early listen to a juan atkins mix cd. although his musical history spans hip-hop and chicago house, his techno is hard-edged, restrained, impeccably produced with the gravitas of an artist who’s been in the game for decades. an infatuation with computers, AI, and technology has led duff to a kind of intrinsic interest in futurism — a techno DJ fundamental that, whether he likes it or not, permeates everything from his DJ sets to his productions.

do you believe in time travel?

i have mixed feelings on the subject. it’s something that i wouldn’t rule out of the realm of possibility for other highly advanced civilizations although i’m inclined to think we don’t realize said technology here on earth. or that if we do, maybe it’s only one-sided — like we can travel forward but not backward, otherwise we most likely would have undone things like the holocaust, slavery, or other events that we deeply regret as a species.

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music monday / gangways


is everyone else feeling completely uninspired lately? because i am. this past weekend i had what was probably the most mediocre weekend of music i’ve ever experienced. which is saying a lot, considering the incredible musical energy in this city. other than daoust‘s open decks birthday jam at passeport on friday, i was entirely unimpressed with the other events i went to – robert babicz at stereo, and fairmont at piknic. needless to say, it didn’t do much to push me into getting my nose to the grindstone (or…you know, whatever). also i was sick yesterday so, yes, i’m aware it’s tuesday.

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