marco shuttle / the aesthetics of expression


for marco shuttle, music is a work of art. the italian-born, london-based DJ, producer and label boss has always had an eye for aesthetics — a graduate of central saint martins with a background in visuals and fashion, his interest in beauty runs more than skin deep. “whenever you make a decision, whenever you create, it always has something to do with beauty,” he says, “besides if something sounds good, it’s about dealing with what you think is beautiful.” that much is clear; everything from eerie, his self-run label since 2012, to his productions and journey-like DJ sets speak to the foundation of his creative philosophy: aesthetics. such a loyalty to his vision is often what sets him apart from other djs; you might not always know what you’ll get with a marco shuttle set, but you know it’s going to be good.

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featuring / blackblessed’s flor serani

cutted flor

black is more than just a colour. it’s a state of mind. in fashion, black is effortless chic, inimitable edge – it’s classic but it’s of the moment. there are few brands that embody that state of mind better than flor serani’s italian label, blackblessed. a lifelong interest in fashion that started with a love of drawing and art, serani’s curiosity quickly grew into what has become one of the most interesting cult labels in rome. merchants of the weird, blackblessed is notorious for their one-of-a-kind cuts, prints, and directional use of fabrication – always emphasizing a dark, goth-tinged aesthetic and a love for uniqueness. i was lucky enough to catch up with blackblessed founder and creative director, flor serani, to talk creativity and design, the importance of instagram, and american horror story.

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