LC 022 / orbital mechanics

you’ve heard of the term “trifecta,” right? it means a run of three wins. a trio of golden moments that occur together, one after the other. a perfect group of three. in this case, trifecta means rusty faders, ewerx, and diagraf. it means the meeting point between audio, visual, and visceral: orbital mechanics.

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mutek es 2015 / review


mutek has always been the kind of festival you experience with your whole self. you don’t go to mutek to simply hear music, you go to mutek to listen. you don’t go to mutek to watch visuals or art installations, you go to mutek to see. mutek is an anomaly in that way; one of the few festivals where you’re acutely aware that everyone is present for the same reasons, and it all boils down to a love of music. when the opportunity to attend the 6th annual mutek es in barcelona, spain, arose, i couldn’t pass it up. needless to say, mutek es was an experience for all five senses — being in a new city often does that to a person. the music was absolutely stand-out incredible, the visuals were captivating, and the people were warm, grounded, and welcoming. a good analogy for the festival as a whole. here are the ways i experienced mutek barcelona.

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mutek 2012

mutek 2012 performer dave aju is a minimal tech and house dj who uses samples from his jazz-musician-father’s old recordings! take a listen!

guys, the craziest thing happened to me! for years, my mom has been making me buy her lottery tickets and enter various contests for her because, apparently, i am good luck. when i was little, i would always win contests (i don’t really remember winning much, except this one time that i won a much music dance mix ’95 CASETTE TAPE when i was like six. everyone freaked out, but i didn’t even have a tape player so it wasn’t very exciting for me) turns out, i AM lucky because, on a whim, i entered a last minute contest to win a pass to mutek montreal, courtesy of little white earbuds. LWE is a super awesome media site that provides info on events and products related to the underground dance music scene (this is totally unbiased, because they actually are awesome, i’m not just saying that because i won free shit from them)…LWE does features, reviews, podcasts, all that good stuff. the point is that i won (I WON) a passport to mutek this week and weekend, and i could not be more stoked.

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