2015 in songs

“says” that you play when your mind is wandering because every note seems to travel, too. you listened to this record so many times you could have worn it out and when you finally heard it live you understood what it means to be blown away by music. sound. movement. everything. you spent months organising an interview with nils. the work was your chef d’oeuvre, the thing you put your everything into, and when you showed up at his flat the walls were so white. stacks of records. more pianos than you could count. you smoked cigarettes with him and drank coffee and talked about silver apples of the moon. he sat down to play and you literally held your breath. everyone was quiet and the silence lasted a year until he started to play and it felt like fireworks.

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ringing in the new year


with 2013 drawing to a close, i can’t help but think about what an absolutely batshit insane year it’s been for me, both personally and with littlecity. not that i’m complaining. in fact, 2013 has been, easily, one of the best years i can remember. i’ve met some psycho people, listened to some great tunes, been to more concerts than i can count, sang, jumped, walked, danced, bootyshaked, boogied, smoked, drank, eaten and been merry.

easily my most played mix this year

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twenty thirteen

image by leah flores

happy new year ninjas!

what a silly new year’s eve – much quieter than past NYEs but exactly what i was looking for; just some drinks, some music and some silliness with good friends. what did you guys do?!

currently playing in my ears, check it out while you read

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