LC 022 / orbital mechanics

you’ve heard of the term “trifecta,” right? it means a run of three wins. a trio of golden moments that occur together, one after the other. a perfect group of three. in this case, trifecta means rusty faders, ewerx, and diagraf. it means the meeting point between audio, visual, and visceral: orbital mechanics.

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LC021 / fake_electronics


when i ask montrealer jesse morrisson if he’s a dreamer or a realist, there’s a long pause before he answers, “both. i tend to keep things grounded but i’m definitely a dreamer, too.” the same can, i think, be said for his music. the first time i heard jesse play live as fake_electronics, it was a journey. in the basement of the mac in montreal during the 2014 mutek under low lights, jesse delivered a hand-crafted set built entirely around the randomness of the modular synths he works with. such a tactile approach lends his music an honest edge; there’s something genuine in his sound. that’s not to say that it’s straightforward, though — jesse’s right when he calls himself a dreamer, too.

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LC020 / lyli


i’ve never met lyli jordy in person. i’ve never heard her speak aside from picking up on her ghostly vocals in the productions featured on her soundcloud. we met in the way that seems typical of the music community – over the internet, earlier this summer when my good friend jackie spade pointed me in lyli’s direction, insisting that she has a “voice that needs to be heard.” i tucked into her soundcloud, devouring her every release from dripping, melting dub to complex microhouse or instrumentalized minimal thread through perfect, breathy vocal fragments. and though i’ve never heard it in person, i know for sure that lyli has a voice that, indeed, begs to be heard.

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LC019 / hazy


what does haze sound like? it might sound like a foggy bassline coloured purple with reverb. it might sound like an acid-trip ambience. it might sound like a smokey synth or a trippy, futurist vocal. but it’s more than likely that it sounds like the bass-filled R&B soaked production from new jersey mystery man, hazy.

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LC017 christmas edition / moody jones

you might call it christmas spirit. or you might call it “so fucking over it.” whatever you decide to call it, those yuletide feelings are in abundance this time of year, and at littlecity we’re no stranger to both sides of the scale. with all the good things that go along with the holiday season (snow, eggnog, alcohol, a tempered amount of family time, days off from work, that fireplace tv show, and peppermint lattes), there is of course, the inevitable bad things (getting snowed in, losing power [which we’re victims of right now], fighting with your family, -40 degree weather, when those little salt bits get in your boots, boxing day crowds). and, horror of horrors, the worst thing of all: repetitive christmas music. aside from mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas,” christmas music is, in general, the worst. so we thought we’d spread a little joy and deliver a mix of christmas-flavoured booty house to get you through this holiday season. the seventeenth edition of littlecity speaker sessions is brought to you by none other than moody jones.

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

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