parallel dimensions / an interview with rrose


rrose inhabits a parallel dimension. at least, that’s what she’d have you believe. her music is grounded in the kind of thoughtful electronic elements that make her a perfect fit for lucy’s stroboscopic artefacts label, but at the same time, she is outlandish enough that her transportive 2015 album, never having written a note for percussion (comprised solely of a one-gong percussion piece) made perfect sense. she’s one of electronic music’s more mysterious figures, an artist that flits between not only genres, but between pronouns and perhaps even personalities.

it’s with this in mind that i accept rrose’s offer to meet at a sound bath meditation session hosted by stoboscopic boss, lucy. taking place one a month at the studio sonne in neukölln, it’s almost too fitting a setting for our talk. lucy helms the meditation session, starting out with breathing exercises before the sound bath — accomplished with a 90 cm handcrafted nepalese gong and three different mallets — begins. it’s true what they say about gong baths; it’s mere minutes before things really start to bend. the experience overall is more soul-shaking than i would have thought: once you let go and give in to the sound, you start to understand what rrose means by “parallel dimensions.”

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featuring / birdsmakingmachine


let diego “pior” martin tell you something about the birds and the bees. playing live as birdsmakingmachine, he gets intimate with his gear; leaning in close, hips swaying, feet pounding on the stage, twisting knobs with a certain kind of sensuality reserved for the release, the ecstasy that comes with performance. he dances wildly on stage, completely giving in to the sounds he’s created, cracking faces that are a mix of concentration and climax, entirely lost in the music.

by the time pior sits down with me at the convent st agusti in barcelona, he has been working for hours already, setting up the stage at club nitsa. during mutek spain, he lends his time to the team as a stage hand and production assistant, expertly balancing his self-proclaimed handyman status with his work as birdsmakingmachine. a music project that began as an anonymous artist collective, pior represents the crew when playing live — an embodiment that pior takes very seriously. music, as far as he’s concerned, is not just for the birds, so to speak. he would later tell me that he feels like his most true self when he’s on stage, playing music, a fact that his live set at mutek spain made clear. in person, though, it’s not all that austere: pior laughs loud, taking care to note that our talk was the most fun he’d had in an interview in ages. herewith, pior and i talk barcelona, the power of anonymity, and the magic of performance.

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music monday / vancouver sleep clinic


after what has been a pretty insane easter weekend, i thought about not posting today. it’s monday. it’s the day of…you know…jesus and whatever, so i figured i could give myself a break. but, seeing as i skipped out on music monday last week, here’s a little easter egg for you guys, in the form of this track from vancouver sleep clinic.

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pop montreal 2013 / review

i had a friend ask me exactly why pop montreal chooses to label itself as “pop.” i stood there in a kind of dumbfounded silence. why had pop montreal chosen to label itself as pop? i know what you’re thinking – when you think pop, you think bubblegum, britney spears pre-head shaving, and otown’s liquid dreams. at least, that’s what i think of. my friend had a point. pop montreal is kind of anything but. open mindedness is what makes this festival such an experience: anything from indie, to folk, to electronic, to rock falls under the pop genre for pop montreal. taking place over a series of nights and locations all around montreal, pop is a five day festival that features over 600 bands, artists, fashion designers, guest speakers and panelists, and a slew of other creative talents. read on to get the inside scoop. disclaimer: i used music instead of photos because for some disastrous reason, good photos of the festival do not exist on the internet.

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music monday / ta-ku

i’m just gonna leave this right here.

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