sundaze / an afternoon with lekker collective

02_20there’s something to be said about sundays in berlin. unlike many other cities, there’s never a shortage of things to do on any given sunday in this city, and whether you’re brunching, burning the dancefloor at berghain, or shopping at mauerpark, there’s something strangely special about the way berliners take on what’s usually the week’s sleepiest day. certainly, then, there’s something to be said about lekker collective, a small PR agency that’s bringing a new warmth to your sunday schedule.

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featuring / souls in a box


how old is your soul? is it a perpetual child, excitable, uninhibited? is it wise beyond its years? what does it look like? is it a wisp of purple smoke that unfurls from your mouth when you speak, or is it an aura, golden like a halo around your head? what does it sound like? is it a melody that only you can hear, or is it tangible; the beating of your heart or the sound of your footsteps? these are the kinds of questions that alessandra mannisi is exploring with her photography project, souls in a box.

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2014 in songs

warm water” that you played through a portable speaker in the basket of your two-year-old bicycle, your last summer in montreal. volume turned way up, riding with two of your best friends — to work with the sun rising at your back, coffee in one hand, or to the bar at night, racing to beat the rain. you pretended you were in “now & then,” embodying every cliche: carefree, sun-kissed, singing at the top of your lungs without knowing the words. you played it at the park in the heat, in your stuffy apartment, on your computer at work, in the studio, and in the early morning when the three of you came home, sticky with sweat and laughter, from a night of partying under seventeen moons.

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music monday / ekali

it would be relatively easy to say that vancouver-bred producer and DJ nathan shaw’s sound is the distillation of his bc roots. windswept with dreamy atmospheres and skittering scattered beats, grounded in rugged percussion – such a description wouldn’t be wrong, but for the producer, best known by his stage name ekali, it would be underwhelmingly oversimplified.

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music monday / tinashe


i read a feature about singer/songwriter tinashe kachingwe in dazed the other week. she’s a self made girl — started from the bottom, or whatever that horrendous expression is that drake did not make up but that people attribute to him — and the article talks a lot about her roots, and her rise to fame. when she made that hard as nails video for “boss” from her debut mixtape in case we die, she, her father and her manager filmed and edited and produced the entire thing. a lot has changed for tinashe in a short while: she’s really blown up, but it seems she’s taking it all in stride. that’s what it means to start from the bottom.

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