LC020 / lyli


i’ve never met lyli jordy in person. i’ve never heard her speak aside from picking up on her ghostly vocals in the productions featured on her soundcloud. we met in the way that seems typical of the music community – over the internet, earlier this summer when my good friend jackie spade pointed me in lyli’s direction, insisting that she has a “voice that needs to be heard.” i tucked into her soundcloud, devouring her every release from dripping, melting dub to complex microhouse or instrumentalized minimal thread through perfect, breathy vocal fragments. and though i’ve never heard it in person, i know for sure that lyli has a voice that, indeed, begs to be heard.

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LC019 / hazy


what does haze sound like? it might sound like a foggy bassline coloured purple with reverb. it might sound like an acid-trip ambience. it might sound like a smokey synth or a trippy, futurist vocal. but it’s more than likely that it sounds like the bass-filled R&B soaked production from new jersey mystery man, hazy.

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LC018 / jackie spade


this particular mix has been a long time coming. a certain fembot and i have been in talks about a mix since the inception of littlecity speaker sessions some time ago, so i’m thrilled to announce that we’ve finally gotten our shit together enough to deliver this banger, just in time to celebrate LC’s 2 year anniversary. consider this preface a fair warning that when you press play on jackie spade‘s mix for littlecity, you won’t be able to turn it off. infamous for a sound that will inevitably make your booty shake, jackie’s mix will infect you with the insatiable move’n’groove that she emanates with the turn of every dial and the push of every button.

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grey area x LC016 / dull


i know, i know. “the last speaker session was last week,” i hear you say to yourself. you’re right. but i couldn’t wait to bring you the 16th volume of little city mixes, because it arrived just in time for the bootleg edition of grey area, courtesy of montreal producer/DJ, dull.

grey area is a series of bi-monthly underground dance music events run by residents/hosts michael armstrong (aka M4CR0) and michael flandez, who together form DJ duo michael & i. although the community project is still in its relative youth – it’s only three events old, to be fair – grey area has managed to bring something new to the table. true to its name, grey area is “neither here nor there,” pulling in references from a plethora of intelligent dance music genres, putting together events that speak to the thinker in all of us. where other events cater to that fucked up bass drop party til you drop tip, grey area favours conceptual dancefloor centric soundscapes, live performances, and boundary pushing DJ sets. so far, the grey area roster has seen artists like ana+one, zeina, like a tree, mir, and magnanime, playing alonside M4CR0 and flandez.

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LC015 / demas


this summer, montreal connected with berlin. or maybe the connection was always there but in any case, my infatuation with all things german electronic music grew exponentially. to like, stalker status. it’s my pleasure to present the fifteenth (fifteen, holy crap!) edition of the little city speaker sessions, brought to you all the way from germany by demas. although i’d been familiar with his music since he played the hushlamb freerange show last year, the first time i heard thomas baz play was at wiggle room earlier this summer. he shared the decks with resident logan hollow, and together the two captured new levels of minimal weirdness. i was hooked. although i listened to more german min tech than probably anyone else in the world this summer (stalker status), i’ve never heard anything or anyone quite like demas. his sound retains the heart of his german roots, but takes cues from funk and disco, effecting an insatiable groove present in his lives and mixes. it’s a perfect fit here in montreal – and he’s proven that on more than one occasion.

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