harmonic navigation / an interview with yuka


yuka is a wanderer. she is a shaman. she’s a designer and an artist. she’s a collector. she’s a crate digger. she’s a songbird catcher. she’s a dancer, a guitar player and an inventor. she’s a traveler. she is so many things — but most of all, yuka is a music maker.

born in 1974 in the industrial beachside town of bratsk in eastern siberia, yuka’s home offered red earth and harsh climates; a fact that she doesn’t romanticize, even today. the town’s remote location in the depths of the taiga, as well as the severity of the soviet regime, meant that she relied on imagination, imagery and music to fuel her creativity.

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little lens 004 / murad osmann

bali rice fieldsbali rice fields

the fourth in the the little lens photo essay series is a little different, but something i find equally interesting as the previous participants in this project (which you can see right here, kids!) i actually came across russian photographer murad osmann‘s photos on buzzfeed (ah, buzzfeed. the source of so much procrastination and entertainment) when i glimpsed an article called “follow me to…” it’s hard not to smile at murad’s photos, which showcase his adventures travelling the globe, with his girlfriend, nataly zakharova, leading the way. i got in touch with murad to find out the story behind his photographs.

ravelloravello, italy

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