LC020 / lyli


i’ve never met lyli jordy in person. i’ve never heard her speak aside from picking up on her ghostly vocals in the productions featured on her soundcloud. we met in the way that seems typical of the music community – over the internet, earlier this summer when my good friend jackie spade pointed me in lyli’s direction, insisting that she has a “voice that needs to be heard.” i tucked into her soundcloud, devouring her every release from dripping, melting dub to complex microhouse or instrumentalized minimal thread through perfect, breathy vocal fragments. and though i’ve never heard it in person, i know for sure that lyli has a voice that, indeed, begs to be heard.

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music monday / christian löffler

it’s been a couple weeks since i left montreal for berlin. needless to say i’ve been entirely neglecting littlecity for the big city these past few weeks. i thought for my first music monday over here, i would introduce you all to a lesser-known german producer, DJ, and man after my own heart, christian löffler.

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10 montreal music crews you should know

image via susan moss for pop montreal

over the summer, i published a piece called “10 montreal street artists you should know,” and, as the title would suggest, it explored the urban art, graffiti, and murals that colour the city, naming a handful of the most talented (and my favourite) artists. the response was pretty incredible – magazines, gallery, art crews, street art collectives, fans, and of course, artists of all kinds read and shared the article. i was so inspired by how much little city readers seemed to thrive off learning about the culture, that i decided to make the piece a regular feature. true to form, it’s taken me about 6 months to actually get on it, but i’m pleased and proud to showcase the next installment, which features 10 montreal music crews you should know. you guys have all heard of piknic/igloofest, pop montreal, osheaga, evenko, i love neon, but what about the little guys? the party throwers, the culture blogs, the magazines, and the record labels? these are the people that fuel this city’s incredible and ever growing music scene, working hard to bring you the best in local and international sound. and they’re pretty much the tits.

for now, this edition centers around electronic music crews…for the sole reason that’s really what i know. i would have loved to include a hip hop crew or an indie collective but i legitimately don’t know any, and before you send me a “let me google that for you” gif, i’ll just say that it proved harder than expected (“montreal indie music collective cool yay” ..wat)

now, before you throw a tantrum and write some sort of nonsensical comment about how such and such crew didn’t get featured, and what the hell is this bullshit list, please bare in mind that because this is my blog, and i do what the fuck i want, this is the list according to me. but i would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, mostly so that i can make a judgemental comment about what you think is cool. just kidding. sort of. here we go!

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sound in motion 2013 / review

sound in motion toronto: the little music festival that could. that phrase had been tossed around a lot pre-festival, but if there were ever a truer way to describe sound in motion, i don’t know it. SIM kicked it with the big kids this summer.

it’s been such a trip watching this festival grow. helmed by the crew over at studiofeed, sound in motion is well on its way (clearly i’m beaming with pride as i write this). i took a short trip down to toronto for the weekend’s festivities, armed with a bottle of whiskey, a magic cape, and my dancing shoes. although it was hard to narrow it down, here are my top five moments from sound in motion toronto.

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LC013 / yes ma’am


turn it up kids, this is gonna be a good one. when two of toronto’s best DJs got together to form the live min tech project yes ma’am, they had everyone on the edge of their seats. not for long though, because when alicia hush and ana+one get together, you just can’t help but get up and get your booty shakin’. i’m so beyond excited to be presenting the thirteenth edition of the little city speaker sessions, courtesy of yes ma’am.

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

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