matrixxman / in real time


with a moniker like matrixxman, it’s no surprise that charlie duff has time on his mind. a san francisco based DJ/producer with roots in arlington, virginia, duff has only been making music as matrixxman for a handful of years, sparked by an early listen to a juan atkins mix cd. although his musical history spans hip-hop and chicago house, his techno is hard-edged, restrained, impeccably produced with the gravitas of an artist who’s been in the game for decades. an infatuation with computers, AI, and technology has led duff to a kind of intrinsic interest in futurism — a techno DJ fundamental that, whether he likes it or not, permeates everything from his DJ sets to his productions.

do you believe in time travel?

i have mixed feelings on the subject. it’s something that i wouldn’t rule out of the realm of possibility for other highly advanced civilizations although i’m inclined to think we don’t realize said technology here on earth. or that if we do, maybe it’s only one-sided — like we can travel forward but not backward, otherwise we most likely would have undone things like the holocaust, slavery, or other events that we deeply regret as a species.

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harnessing the forces of nature with claire’s windcatcher


the wind is one of the mysteriously powerful elements, so intriguing because like so many important energies, we can’t see it, but we can feel it. and now, thanks to an incredible innovation by montreal producer, DJ and sound artist, claire kenway, we can hear it.

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CNTRL beyond EDM 2012: review

it was with much excitement that the music industry welcomed CNTRL: beyond EDM – the first ever DJ tour that fused the performance and party aspects of music culture with the technical side of electronic music. conceived by mastermind and industry legend richie hawtin, the CNTRL tour hit dozens of cities in north america, with two-hour long seminars during the day and an all night long (sort of) party after the fact. CNTRL’s mission is to promote a deeper understanding of electronic music by encouraging discussion about the future of techno and technology, lead by the industry’s leading DJs hawtin, loco dice and ean golden, along with a different guest speaker in each city. true to form, i was unspeakable amounts more excited for the seminar than the party, because i am a huge hopeless nerd and i love learning.

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featuring: the style spy’s erica lam

vancouver native erica lam is the founder and editor in chief of canadian fashion blog the style spy. based in vancouver, toronto and now, montreal, the style spy reaches girls all across the country and is one of the core participants in canada’s fashion industry. featuring real women, the style spy conducts interviews, highlights trends and beauty products, publishes op-eds and checks out the places to be in your canadian city.

erica, who has one of the most infectious laughs in the world, moved to montreal this summer, and i had the opportunity to sit down for coffee with her to chat for littlecity. she is truly an inspiration for bloggers and fashion writers – read on to see what she had to say about the style spy, the rise of social media, the digital age and the death of print. oh, and anna wintour.

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