little lens 004 / murad osmann

bali rice fieldsbali rice fields

the fourth in the the little lens photo essay series is a little different, but something i find equally interesting as the previous participants in this project (which you can see right here, kids!) i actually came across russian photographer murad osmann‘s photos on buzzfeed (ah, buzzfeed. the source of so much procrastination and entertainment) when i glimpsed an article called “follow me to…” it’s hard not to smile at murad’s photos, which showcase his adventures travelling the globe, with his girlfriend, nataly zakharova, leading the way. i got in touch with murad to find out the story behind his photographs.

ravelloravello, italy

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the bpm festival 2013: review


it’s been a hot minute since the bpm festival and i think i’m finally recovering from my playa withdrawls – my return to montreal was a rocky one (one in which i hung out on the floor of my bathroom, writing news stories for work in between bouts of stomach flu) (pity me!), and the freezing temperatures didn’t help: dancing at igloofest my first weekend back felt surreal in comparison. it was more than a 60 degree difference in dancefloor temperature. 60 degrees. i’m still reeling from the fact that that’s even possible.

a little tINI for yer ears

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