music monday / pearl

there’s something to be said about the appeal of anonymity. certainly in dance music, mystery┬áhas become a bit of a signature in and of itself. masks a la daft punk or zomby, pseudonyms or aliases, burial’s entire persona, the ubiquitous “special guest” slot on every bill. secrets are the new black, so much so that it’s not really a secret anymore. for that reason, i tend to shrug off these kinds of anonymous producers, but every so often comes an artist like pearl.

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nice things emily skahan has said about other people


when you listen to emily’s skahan‘s debut solo album mean things i’ve said about other people, it’s hard to believe that such perfectly heartfelt words could come from someone who is as absolutely fucking crazy as emily. then you hear lyrics like “and you said, ‘good morning, you beautiful stranger, jesus christ i am so hungover and do you have any particular feelings about advil liquid gels and pancakes?’” and it all makes sense, because crazy as she may be, she lives – and writes- more honestly than anyone i know. her album is stunning. so stunning, in fact, that i had to thank her, literally thank her, for producing something so beautiful.

one part of montreal folk band motel raphael, emily skahan is an established singer/songwriter/busker (number 2 in the city according to cult mtl) (but, you know, number 1 in our hearts). it was my sincerest pleasure to catch up with emily to talk about love, her inspirations, song writing, and the roommate she can’t live without. in celebration of mean things i’ve said about other people, here are some nice things emily skahan has said about other people.

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music monday / maya malkin


if i had to describe maya malkin to you, i would say she’s “sugar personified.” easily the sweetest girl i’ve ever met, that description holds true for her folk-pop music. you might recognize the name as one seventh of the montreal indie-folk band, motel raphael, but maya is a star in her own right as well. it’s with much sunshine that i present to you her debut solo release, a stunning four-track EP called simon.

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